Storing & Labeling Spices

Wednesday, March 13

I mentioned in this post that I store all of my spices in two baskets. It's been the only way I've ever stored them since the husband and I were married. We have a spice rack we received for our wedding, but it's mainly just for looks - I haven't even touched half of the spices in there because a lot of them aren't ones I use for everyday cooking. So in came the baskets for all of the other spices that we do use. I bought them from Michael's about 3 1/2 years ago. Michael's always has a fantastic basket selection. 

At first, I just dumped all of the spices in there together. But then it became more of a problem when I needed to grab something out - I had two baskets and 40+ spice jars to go through. I decided to sort them alphabetically and label the tops. And bam - perfect spice storage!! This method has honestly worked liked a charm. But, after 3 1/2 years, this is what it was starting to look like:

We'd emptied several jars, bought new ones, and our sorting got a little bit mixed up. It was time to update everything. So I sat down by the computer the other night, printed up some new labels, and got to work on reorganizing our spices. 

I covered the top of the labels with a heavy tape so I can wipe them down without tearing them off if the lid gets a little dirty. And there you go! Lovely, wonderful spice storage that's easy to access. 

I did this all on my own computer versus buying pre-made labels because so many of our spice lids are different sizes and need different labels. Also, I like having the option of customizing it the way I want. If you do want some spice labels, though, here are some great ones from Martha Stewart for Avery (you can see how they look in real life over at A Beautiful Mess).

We've lived in three different places now and this is about the only thing that stays the same in our kitchen. It's a method that works perfectly for us. 

To help a little bit more with finding what we need, I printed off these free printable tags from Love vs. Design and added labels to the baskets themselves. The first one holds all of our "A-G" spices and the second holds the rest "H-Z." I alphabatize our spices according to how we'll personally look for them, not by their store labels. So "Whole Jamaica Allspice" is sitting with the other A's (for Allspice) and any "Poultry Seasoning" is with the C's (for Chicken).

So that's how we store our spices over here! Do you guys have any spice storing/labeling methods that you love and use?

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9 Responses to “Storing & Labeling Spices”

  1. That is such a great idea, Rachel! I have long been frustrated with how we store our spices because there is no way to see them all at once. This is a fantastic solution!

  2. Love this idea! My spices are always so disorganized! I will have to try this :)

    Mary @

  3. So clever, Rachel! Love this idea and I love your storage baskets - such a nice way to organize your cabinets!

  4. what a neat idea!! I definitely need to reorganize my spices!

  5. I love this idea - I spend waaay too much time searching for spices shoved in my tiny cabinet. A basket is so smart!

  6. Great job, I'm a big fan of organizing myself! The baskets and the flowery labels on them are too cute!

  7. This is such a great idea! Next time I store spices, I just may do this. Seems easy enough!

  8. My spice cabinet is a mess! I won't buy the pretty spice carousels because I don't use many of the spices either. I really need to organize it as you have done. I think it is fabulous. I saw some baskets on clearance that would be perfect for this idea.

    Thank your for visiting my blog this week. I loved hearing from you!

  9. Great idea! I have soo many spices. Thanks for visiting my site! I'm your newest follower:)