Color, color, color

Saturday, January 5

A while back with a different blog, I made this color board for a blog series on Bright Wishes:

I've always loved a good color board. And I've been trying to incorporate a lot more color into our home as we decorate it. I tend to go very neutral - which, don't get me wrong, I'll never stop loving neutral. But I also love pops of color; however, I don't always know how to style it into our home decor. I've got some ideas, though. They don't always work out, but thank goodness for Target and return policies. 

I've been turning to Pinterest for some nice styling ideas. Here are some traditional/neutral spaces I have been drooling over:

How gorgeous are these two rooms? Who knew an entryway could be that gorgeous? And that master bedroom - please be mine. I could instantly relax in that bed. There's not a lot of color, but honestly these spaces are so pretty I don't think they need color. The entryway has a nice pop of yellow flowers. I like the idea of some vibrant plants to liven things up. Too bad I have a black thumb. Seriously, plants do not survive under my care. I'm good with just some plastic flowers from Hobby Lobby. 

So - color. I've been trying to pin more "colorful" ideas on Pinterest. Sublte pops that I could see myself using around the house.

Pillows. Those red pillows in the left picture. I can do pillows. I think that's one of the best way to add a nice pop. I'm also digging those blue glass bottles on the coffee table. And again - yellow flowers. 
I've been in love with this picture from the very first moment I saw it on Pinterest. That light blue wall with those black and white pictures - be still, my heart. I want to know if this is really in someone's house, because if so, I would like to be friends with them. It's just flat out gorgeous. Our half bath downstairs is almost this exact same color, minus the paneling. I would love to add some black and white frames to the empty wall to the side of the door. Kind-of weird that it would be in the bathroom, but if our wall in there was decorated like this, it'd be the only bathroom I'd use in the house. 

Who would have thought that cookbooks could add a pop of color to your kitchen? It's such a cute idea! And I've become somewhat of a cookbook junkie lately. I love getting cookbooks as gifts. For Christmas this year, the husband and I actually got a few nice kitchen gadgets from the in-laws. I've decided you can officially tell that you've grown up when you get excited over being gifted a lemon zester and chopping knife for Christmas.
Plants. Again. Not flowers this time, but I still don't know if these little beauts could handle my horrible plant care. I really try, but I'm just not cut out for it. Animals and babies I have no problems with. Plants just don't like me for some reason. But how cute are those little colorful pots they're in? We have a window ledge above our kitchen sink - I really think these would be adorable sitting in the sun, bringing a little cheer while we're washing dishes. They're cute, tiny, and fun. 

So both of these pictures are kind-of neutral, but a big color I've been trying to incorporate into my decorating is white. I don't know why, but I have the hardest time buying white things. And I love white! But I always buy the darker furniture. We have dark brown leather couches, dark brown dressers, a dark brown desk, a dark brown bookshelf, a dark brown entry table, a dark brown coffee table, etc. This year, I'm determined to go more white. Also, Danny and I are looking for a double seater desk. This desk is too beautiful for words. Danny might say it's a little too girly (the other day he called a polo maroon shirt "too girly") but seeing as how I use the office more than he does, I might have to just insist on this style. 
That white nightstand will be mine one day. I'm quite smitten with it. And the blue vase on it (...with flowers - they're everywhere), and the cute little alarm clock, and that lamp! I saw a lamp like that at Target. I should probably go buy that soon. Because it's perfect. I just want to recreate this entire look, down to the pictures on the wall and the headboard behind the bed. 

So. Color. I can do color, right? I think I can. Colorful pillows, cute little pots, and lots and lots of flowers. I think I've got this. 

ps: Thanks to So I Married a Craft Blogger, I learned that the 2013 color of the year is Emerald. I think I could definitely rock a couch pillow or two with some nice emerald patterns going on. 

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5 Responses to “Color, color, color”

  1. Love these photos!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Oh my, so much home inspiration here, I just died a little ;). Love everything, especially all the bright tones and cozy pillows :).
    Thanks for your lovely words on my blog, it sure means a lot!


  3. I love neutrals too. I am trying to get braver and use more color. I do my best to get more color in at the moment!!

  4. beautiful images. I love your blog.

  5. Love your color board, there are so many pretty pictures! Great blog!